Creativity and Curiosity: Conversations between Artists and Astronomers

Three artists : Gillian McFarland, Ione Parkin and Alison Lochhead have started an exciting project working with astronomers from Leicester University, UK as well as the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge University. There have been numerous meetings and exciting presentations and exchanges of ideas between the astronomers and artists. A visit to the Natural History Museum, London to handle meteorites and rocks from the moon and various planets - extraordinary. We gave a presentation at the annual conference of the Royal Astronomical Society conference and this gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk to a very wide range of scientists and people working with astronomy in a variety of ways. it is hoped the first exhibition will be in March 2017 in Cambridge.   The subject is so vast that the difficulty is narrowing it down enough to respond to the mind blowing enormity of the subject. The joy is working with the scientists and the similarities of exploration and ‘never knowing what any outcome may be’. This will be a long running project.

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