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I remember this from my 1940’s childhood. Joseph from Malta. War never resolves anything.          

Moving and meaningful sculpture. When will we remember we are guardians of this earth, not owners. Only then will we remove boundaries and stop fighting over land.

We are very young as a species – i.e. homo sapiens – we have much to learn about ourselves. Congratulations on the installation as a reminder ‘I do not want art for the few or education for the few’ William Morris 1850’s’

Deeply revealing into the depths of wars depravity. We can see it, sense it; feel the sorrow. A brave and meaningful work. BRAVO.

War will never end as long as there is money involved. Too much greed in this world.

Your work inspires all to breathe, to reflect, to choose peace.

Very melancholy. I found great sadness when discovering shoes in the rubble then renewal as a spider had spun a web.

Very amazing – I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. Visiting from Trinidad.

Such an inspirational installation. The setting is perfect. We need to learn from history and all think about what conflicts are still happening in the world. The mix of materials and use of objects within the sculpture is very original and moving. Thank you for this inspirational piece.

In the echoes of the transept, the visual ones from human violence that seem relentless. Work to slowly absorb. Important work.

GREAT. Art makes you think. What next – that is what this piece does.

Thank you. A most thought provoking installation. Let us pray for peace as a nation.

Everything it stands for is correct. Why war? It does nothing but harm. Why do we have to kill and destroy innocent lives? We are all human. All one species. We have the intelligence to create and invent so many things, but why waste it on war?

War is chaos. Chaos devours. Chaos fills a man’s heart and mind with crass images and dull colours. The world was made to live and love in. Not to kill and hate. War slowly fills everyone and will destroy us. Why can’t we accept the fact that we are all different and have world peace? STOP WAR

From an American Somoa.

An emotive and heart-wrenching piece. I visited 4 times and was reduced to tears on each occasion. Thank you

Thank you for the remarkable artistic installation. I was deeply moved. Such an important work.