Alison Lochhead is an artist whose work reflects upon the fragmentation of memory and witness of injustices. Her work explores the impact war and conflict has on the world and the environment; the destruction of livelihoods, identities, securities, homes, the migrations, the inhumanities, the hope of change.

Alison works with heat and materials from the earth; iron, clay, rocks, oxides. From molten iron poured from the cupola and materials put in the kiln; alchemy takes place as the various materials are drawn together or reject each other, they are transformed. A story is told.

Alison also works with drawings, wall pieces and collograph prints which complement the 3D work. Since March 2020 Alison has started painting and loving using colour again; even if for fire and a depiction of a damaged world.

Memories are fragile and transitory; as is much of Alison’s work.

Alison exhibits and sells her work in galleries internationally.

If you need more information please contact: alisonlochhead358@gmail.com

CASW talk between Alison and Peter Wakelin in April 2021


Abandonment and Migration installation in Volcano Theatre

Layered Memories of Conflict

a sculpture installation by Alison Lochhead MRSS (Member of Royal Society of Sculptors)

Join Alison on a breathtaking walk in the Cambrian mountains

Learn how her work is inspired by the landscape and hear her ethos on the life of the placed artwork.