Alison Lochhead is a sculptor whose work reflects upon the fragmentation of memory and witness of injustices. Alison works with heat and materials from the earth; iron, clay, rocks, oxides. From molten iron poured from the cupola and materials put in the kiln; alchemy takes place as the various materials are drawn together or reject each other, they are transformed. A story is told.

Alison also works with drawings, wall pieces and collograph prints which complement the 3D work

Memories are fragile and transitory; as is much of Alison’s work.

Alison exhibits and sells her work in galleries internationally. The website will be updated twice a year in November and May. ‘What’s On’ will be updated as necessary. If you need more information please contact:

Abandonment and Migration installation in Volcano Theatre

Layered Memories of Conflict

a sculpture installation by Alison Lochhead MRSS (Member of Royal Society of Sculptors)

Join Alison on a breathtaking walk in the Cambrian mountains

Learn how her work is inspired by the landscape and hear her ethos on the life of the placed artwork.