In February 2020 Alison started to do large acrylic paintings. They started as an image Alison wanted to portray; of refugees disappearing into the mist in Calais. This image was eluding her in sculpture and she decided to try it in paint. This image has still to be done.  All the paintings are about war and its impact on the lands and peoples who suffer it. The refugees forced to leave their homes; only to be inhumanly treated or pushed back when they try to find safety. The bombed libraries; where attempts to destroy people’s histories and identities are made. Words cannot be destroyed; they remain in the ashes, in people’s memories and passed on stories.  The debris of people’s lives, their homes destroyed; the scarred and contaminated land from bombs and warfare.

Some of the paintings are also about the slave trade and the off shore slave holding island off Sierra Leone.

The paintings continue.