MoMA Machynlleth. ‘Layered Memories of Conflict’. September 10th to October 29th 2016

A sculpture installation which is made for the Tannery gallery space in MoMA Machynlleth, Wales will be showing from September 10th – October 29th 2016. The work will be a reflection on the repetition and memories of conflict and war.

The work incorporates clay, paper and iron. Each holds a different representation of memory of strength, fragility, vulnerability, brittleness. There is ambiguity in the materials used and assumptions cannot be made about where there is strength or weakness. Iron can be a much weaker material than paper and yet we think an iron backbone is strong and often associated with decisions about going to war and a paper spine is weak; the opposite is the case. The installation; made specifically for the Tannery at MoMA;  explores some of these ambiguities.